Tuesday, March 6, 2018

S1E12 "Why I'm Still Standing"

Challenges never deter Elk Grove graduate Jonathan Macedo. In this episode of We Are EG, he reveals how relationships with others––sometimes in unexpected ways––helped see him through some difficult times. 

The music in this podcast was provided by:

    Monk Parker, "I See Stars" from his Dance album (Creative Commons License 4.0)

    Podington Bear, "Threshold"  (Creative Commons License 3.0)

Helen Rae Cooper and Debbie Fox Little, "That’s All It Takes" via

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

S1E11: "It's Given Me My Own Voice"

Nic Baggetto is the editor-in-chief of the Elk Grove High School newspaper The Guardian.  As a senior at Elk Grove High School, he has evolved both personally and as a writer through his experiences.  He shares some of his favorite stories that he has written, as well as how much he has learned through this process.  He intends to pursue a career in communications to continue his passion for writing and film.

Nic mentions some favorite articles in the podcast.  Here are some of those, as well as a few other noteworthy and recent ones:

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Monday, February 5, 2018

S1E10: "It Kinda Makes You Believe in Fate"

It's February and love is in the air! On this special Valentine's Day episode of We Are EG, Steve and Kristen Lesniak--the #EGLesniaks--tell their story of how they dated, got engaged and married while teachers at Elk Grove High School.  Listen below and scroll to see pictures. (And be sure to listen after the credits!)

Steve and Kristen appeared on TV during a Chicago Blackhawks game
and soon their secret was very, very public.

Steve proposing to Kristen, Labor Day Weekend, 2016

Steve proposing to Kristen, Labor Day Weekend, 2016.

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Scott Holmes "Sandbox Jingle" from his Music for TV and Film, Vol 1 album (Creative Commons License-Attribution-NonCommercial)

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Podington Bear, "Four Leaf Clover" from his  Positive Album (Creative Commons License 3.0)

Podington Bear, "Seventh Hill" from his Indie Folk album (Creative Commons License 3.0)

Moby, "The Perfect Life (With Wayne Coyne)" courtesy of Mobygratis.com

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Coming on February 6th - Our Special Valentine's Day Episode

On Tuesday, we will drop our special Valentine's Day episode of We Are EG. This episode features teachers Steve and Kristen Lesniak - or, the #EGLesniaks - as we have been calling them.

On Super Bowl Sunday, we did a special live broadcast, featuring some behind the scenes on how a podcast like ours gets made.  If you are wondering about how we edit a podcast, check it out. And stay tuned for the release of our next episode.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

S1E9: "I've Grown Very Strong Love For This Country"

Ryan Selig and Jeremy Readdy are seniors at Elk Grove High School pursuing futures in the military.  Ryan is currently enrolled in a Recruit Sustainment Program with the Army National Guard, and Jeremy will graduate EGHS to become an active duty army soldier.

In this podcast, Ryan and Jeremy share their reasonings for joining the military, their hopes and fears of their role in the army, and provide advice for those who may be interested in pursuing this future career.  

These young men also touch on the importance of U.S. citizens being aware of what veterans have going through, including PTSD and high suicide rates.  If you would like more information regarding veterans and PTSD, you can find it from the United States Department of Veteran's Affairs website.

If you'd like to support veterans through Elk Grove High School's Veteran's Day Assembly, please contact Stephanie Kezios or through Elk Grove Village's Packages for Patriots.

Monday, January 8, 2018

S1E8: "I Just Keep Myself Positive"

Elk Grove junior Ben Jasutis has had medical issues that early in his life called for radical surgery. In spite of all of the difficulties he has had, Ben is one of the most positive people you will ever meet. His story is a story of perseverance, hope and humility.

This story is a great story to kick off 2018 as we all reflect on the year ahead and what kind of year we have the power to make. Ben has some lessons in that regard, for sure.

To get a sense of what Ben went through, he shared some photographs from his surgery, which occurred in May, 2003.

Featured in this podcast is the song, "You Write Your Story," by 21AD*. You can listen to the song below and others from the band.

*This song was licensed from Smartsound.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

S1E7: "Thanks for Changing My Life"

It's that time of year: the temperatures are dropping as stress levels are rising with final exams approaching.  As 2017 is coming to a close, it is also important to reflect on what a year it has been.  

In this episode of the We Are EG podcast, Linda Ashida, Bruce Janu, Nathan Beltran, and Rachel Barry wandered the halls of Elk Grove High School to find out what students and staff are grateful for.  

If you would like to share what you are thankful for, please feel free to stop by the Collab Lab!  We'd love to record you for another future gratitude podcast!