About We Are EG

We Are EG is a podcast series dedicated to telling the stories of Elk Grove High School.  Staff, students and community members share their stories and in turn we get a glimpse of our commonality, building an understanding layered on the experiences of those who have lived and worked, studied and played, in the halls of Elk Grove High School.

The stories we share will inspire. They will make us laugh and cry. They will leave us with an understanding that no matter what our background, no matter how we got here, we all have something in common.

We Are EG is produced by the Elk Grove CollabLab which is dedicated to building a community of learners at Elk Grove High School and beyond.

In addition, the we will be partnering with students from the Elk Grove Film Club in order to produce video shorts to accompany the podcast and support the goals of the EG CollabLab. Keep a look out for some exciting content!