Wednesday, November 29, 2017

S1E6: "There's No Feeling Like Skateboarding"

On this episode of We Are EG, Ryan Asmussen sits down with fellow EG English teacher Matt Snow and two students to discuss skateboarding.  Matt was at one time a semi-professional skateboarder and is currently the sponsor of the EG Skate Club.  Click here for a Daily Herald article about Matt Snow.

This episode was produced and edited by Ryan Asmussen with help from Bruce Janu.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

S1E5: "You're Not Alone"

Luna had a rough start to her Elk Grove High School career.  She struggled to find motivation in school, but also dealt with her homosexuality in a household where it was looked upon as a "phase". Luna found it difficult to make friends who would be a positive influence on her but with the help from the Kenneth Young Center, Luna found the determination to turn her strength into motivation to succeed.  Since then, Luna has become a leader in both the soccer and cross country programs at EGHS, and she is looking to pursue a career in the criminal justice field.