Tuesday, January 23, 2018

S1E9: "I've Grown Very Strong Love For This Country"

Ryan Selig and Jeremy Readdy are seniors at Elk Grove High School pursuing futures in the military.  Ryan is currently enrolled in a Recruit Sustainment Program with the Army National Guard, and Jeremy will graduate EGHS to become an active duty army soldier.

In this podcast, Ryan and Jeremy share their reasonings for joining the military, their hopes and fears of their role in the army, and provide advice for those who may be interested in pursuing this future career.  

These young men also touch on the importance of U.S. citizens being aware of what veterans have going through, including PTSD and high suicide rates.  If you would like more information regarding veterans and PTSD, you can find it from the United States Department of Veteran's Affairs website.

If you'd like to support veterans through Elk Grove High School's Veteran's Day Assembly, please contact Stephanie Kezios or through Elk Grove Village's Packages for Patriots.

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