Tuesday, April 10, 2018

S1E14 "Each Student Has a Story and Each Story Should be Heard"

As a little girl who made her own classroom at home to teach her grandmother and stuffed animals, Jasmine Bautista discovered a passion for teaching others. Challenging times in elementary school might have extinguished her passion were it not for the connection with one special person who helped her believe in herself and follow her dreams.

Epilogue: On the day before we released this episode, just as we were about to make our final edits, Jasmine stopped by to share an update. That morning she had just received news from National Louis University, a partner with District 214's Educator Prep Program, that would make her dream even more possible. Listen after the credits to learn how!

A 5th grader shares an update on his project with
Jasmine and Nicola Avena at Rupley Elementary School

Jasmine and Nicola reflect on the day with their awesome students.

Reunited - now as teaching partners!


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