Tuesday, October 30, 2018

S2E4: "I'm Always Up For A Good Scare Now And Then"

This is a special Halloween broadcast of We Are EG. On this episode, we talk to several students about the supernatural and the creepy things that go bump in the night. We talk about clowns, ghosts and a chupacabra sighting. Plus, a shout-out to Mr. Lesniak who is often the victim of scares.

And, something strange happened in the freight elevator at Elk Grove High School. Listen to find out.

In this podcast, we mention an incident involving Mr. Lesniak. Here is the video of that epic scare.  Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

S2E3: "If You Want To Do Something, Then You Should Try and Do It"

We all have passions in our lives that many may not know about. Brian Mundorf is no exception. Around the age of 40, Brian starting running marathons. This spring, he will complete his 53rd marathon getting him closer to his goal of running a marathon in every state.

Brian is currently in his 18th year working at Elk Grove High School, his first year working the first shift. "It's been fun," he says. "It's a lot different waking up early in the morning." On this episode of We Are EG, Brian talks about his passion for running and how setting out to complete goals can be an awarding experience.

The music on this podcast was provided by Podington Bear via the Free Music Archive. The tracks "Don't Go," "So It Goes" and "Violet" were licensed through a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 3.0 International License. More information can be found at www.freemusicarchive.org

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

S2E2: "I found the person I am and who I want to be"

Keren is a junior in high school who has experienced more in her 16 years than most will experience in their life.  When first entering high school, she was a quiet, introverted student who did what she needed to in order to be successful but didn't really engage with others, both peers and staff members.  As the daughter of immigrants, Keren shares her struggles with connecting with others as well as balancing the responsibilities at home.  She discusses the difficulties of overcoming substance abuse, as well as the unfortunate passing of her father, and how writing and opening up to others has really helped drive her to find her purpose in life.  Keren now wants to become a social worker to help those who experience similar situations to hers.

The music in this podcast was provided by

    Daniel Birch, "Sleep" from his  Ambient Volume 3 Album (Creative Commons License 3.0)

    Podington Bear, "Trillium" from his Melodic Ambient album (Creative Commons License 3.0)

    Podington Bear, "Bountiful" from his Melodic Ambient album (Creative Commons License 3.0)