Friday, November 16, 2018

S2E5: "I Just Want To Be Nice To People"

Autumn is a junior at Elk Grove High School. She is a highly-motivated individual, working hard to excel in her AP classes. She is an athlete and an advocate. She is kind and always has a smile on her face. These are the things that her classmates and teachers would most likely say about her. But, that's not her entire story. In this episode Autumn shares the many obstacles she has had to overcome in order to be where she is today. Her story is one of gratitude and of strength; it is nothing short of remarkable.  Listen below or via your favorite podcast app.

Kristen Lesniak & Autumn after recording this episode.

We Are EG is a production of the Elk Grove Collab Lab, building a community of learning at Elk Grove High School and beyond. Visit for more information. This podcast contains music from Lee Rosevere via the Free Music Archive. The songs "Reflections," "The Secret to Growing Up," "Betrayal," "Going Home," and "Looking Back" were used under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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