Tuesday, November 27, 2018

S2E6: "Everything is On You"

Adolfo is an incredibly artistic junior at Elk Grove High School.  His artistic talents began through graffiti; actually getting in trouble freshman year for tagging at his prior school.  Through self-discovery and strengthening his faith, he has found that his artistic talents are better to be used towards good, even creating a mural with other students at his church.  Through the art program at EGHS, he has learned more about realistic drawing.  Now his interests have expanded to music through the high school guitar classes.  Adolfo discusses how music has become a bigger passion, and how he has expanded his music repertoire to also learning to play the piano.  In his future, he wants to incorporate music with art to feed his need to explore his creative thoughts.

Here is some of his artwork:

Lastly, here is him performing!

The music in this podcast was provided by:

    Charlie Lewis, "Waiting" from his Guitar Music Album (Creative Commons License 3.0)

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