Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Season 3 Episode 1: "To Travel is to Live"

On this special premiere episode of Season 3 of We Are EG, we sit down with social studies teacher Ioanna Lo Destro!  Due to continuing cancer treatments, Ioanna has not been able to be at Elk Grove High School for over the last year. But she is always willing to talk. So we sat down to talk about her favorite subjects: travel and teaching. Listen below or in your favorite Podcast app.

Ioanna Lo Destro getting ready to record a podcast!

Ioanna Lo Destro has a map that has pins in locations she and her husband have visited, plus pins for where they would like to visit. This is a constant reminder of her future of travel.
In order to inspire kids to want to travel, Ioanna kept a bulletin board with all sorts of travel pictures.